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Tartan - Barclay Hunting
Barclay:  Anglo-Saxon 'beau-lee' meaning beautiful meadow or field. 


The Tartan Barclay Hunting has a sett very similar to Tartan Barclay Dress. 

Variant Spelling and Associated Family Names: Ardrossan, Barklaw, Berclie, Barckley, Barklay, Berekele, Barckly, Barkley, Berkeley, Barclaye, Barkly, Tollie, Barclet, Barraclough, Tolley, Barclye, Berckley, Towie, Barcula, Berclay, Towy, Barkla, Bercley, Tullie

1 sheet: $1.95; 2-sheets: $3.71; 5-sheets: $7.80; 10-sheets: $13.65

6 pattern repeats per 12x12 sheet 


Item #TS-705

Our price $1.95